I am a 74 year old post kidney transplant patient and have been taking both the earth, ocean supplements every day for two months. I feel much more energy and my memory has deeply improved! I also take 26 pills a day just for my kidney transplant and have had no side effects from taking these supplements!

Julius (74) | Las Vegas, NV

"I started taking the Ocean Atoms supplements three days ago from SunLite Health & Wellness. Yesterday was the second day, and my energy in the afternoon was up. I was productive all afternoon until like 7pm and just stopped because I wanted to eat dinner. Today is the third day. I usually drink 3 coffees per day. 8am, 10am, 2pm. I didn’t even need the 2nd one. I am gonna drink one now at 2:30 just because I want to, but I really don’t even need it. No afternoon energy crash is amazing!!"
Chris (34) | Houston, TX

"Since I have been taking the Ocean & Earth Atoms, I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin’s hydration and tone, my energy levels, digestion, and just entire health and well being as a whole. Especially when I have taken both together. I can’t wait for my next shipment of Ocean & Earth."

   Denise (64) | Tucson, AZ

"I’m typically not someone that would ever take supplements. I’m very much into getting all of my nutrients from eating actual foods. But, my doctor suggested that I increase the fiber and Omega 3 in my diet. So I did my research and discovered SunLite Health & Wellness. I really felt connected with their core values and overall vision . Since their Earth  atoms were claiming to have a high dose of everything my doctor was recommending and were made of real ingredients, I decided to give them a try before committing to a subscription.   Within just a few days, I immediately noticed a change in the way I was feeling, and in a good way!  After that first month my friends and family were all commenting on how good I looked, questioning my current “secret”. No secret here, the truth is we could all benefit from what SunLite Health & Wellness has to offer."

Mark (74) | Carlsbad, CA

"Taking One Earth & One Ocean in addition to my other dailies (B12, women’s once a day, vitamin c, magnesium, collagen, I felt a pretty  big lift in energy and mood. I was able to cut coffee out entirely! I felt energetic but peaceful and able to sleep. I a/b tested taking the vitamins for two weeks with my regular regimen then 2 weeks off, 2 weeks back on and noticed a difference when incorporating them in." 

Jen (30) | Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve always had a problem with tissue inflammation and an unsettled stomach after I eat anything spicy. Recently, I started adding the Earth atoms to my morning routine, Taking them as soon as I wake up with water. After only two weeks, I’ve felt a significant decrease in inflammation and gastroenteric discomfort. I’ve also noticed a huge improvement in my overall gut health and reducing the morning mind fog as soon as I wake up. Which I didn’t expect at all. I love starting my day with SunLite Health and Wellness and look forward to trying their other products.”

Steve (34) | Los Angeles CA

“I've been taking the earth supplements for the past 3 weeks and I love them overall. They have helped with my digestion and to reduce stomach inflammation and irritation when I eat certain foods, especially spicy foods. Normally I would take the earth atom in the morning or midday. But, I tried taking them at night for the last ten days and my sleep was amazing. I noticed a much deeper sleep and waking up with significantly more energy.”

Daniel (32) | Los Angeles, CA

"I don’t sleep well because of breathing issues and struggle to sustain energy throughout the day. Multiple cups of coffee is my usual remedy, but I dislike the jitters and inevitable caffeine crash. I began taking the Ocean Atoms and noticed a slight uptick in my energy. As the day progressed, I didn’t experience a crash or any jitters. Within a week, I began significantly reducing my coffee intake. This is a great product with great ingredients. So far, so good! Thanks, Sunlite Heath and Wellness!"

Jon (36) | San Diego, CA

"I have been taking the Ocean Atom supplement for 28 days now, once per day in the morning. I stopped drinking coffee, because I felt my energy levels, noticeably increased. After the first week and a half I saw my skin complexion and acne had gotten much better, my girl friend said that my skin looked great, and she hasn't seen it look this good ever. Also I realized that the supplements were high in Vitamin D which could help combat COVID-19. I feel and look great, I feel the new normal and it's awesome."

Riley (28) | Los Angeles, CA

“Since taking Ocean, I honestly feel like it has definitely helped my skin and with inflammation that I’ve had for years. I love how natural it is! I’ve actually started supplementing more with spirulina due to my body being introduced to it through the atoms. I am so grateful SunLite has come into my life and I’m so excited to keep spreading the word about this amazing product!!!”

TianaLong Beach, CA

“Been taking the Earth every morning for the last 30 days and I feel great! I have always dealt with digestive discomfort and chronic allergies that result in head pressure / inflammation. Since I began taking Earth daily, I have noticed a marked improvement in both the digestive discomfort and reduced head pressure from allergies. I look forward to trying the other SunLite products! Health and well being stems from a healthy diet and well-balanced nutrition. With today's trends of processed food, it has become increasingly difficult to get enough of the nutrients our bodies need. I love that SunLite Earth is helping me get the daily calcium, magnesium and potassium my body needs to function at peak performance and boost my immune system during the pandemic we find ourselves in. Thank you SunLite!”

Brendan (33) | Los Angeles, CA

“I have been taking SunLite's ocean and earth for the last month. They go great together and between the two, I get a solid algae complex, vitamins and spices without the hassle of having to buy separately. I have really noticed increased energy, improved digestion and overall improved wellbeing. It’s nice to find a wellness organization with good values, quality ingredients and great response.”

Matt (35) | Scottsdale, AZ