A lifestyle based off of clean, conscious consumption designed to achieve your healthiest and most radiant life using 100% natural, simple, organic, pronounceable ingredients all derived from Mother Earth. 

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We started SunLite Health and Wellness with the simple knowledge of what we are putting inside our body. Both of us grew up in coastal California cities, in households that cared deeply about clean consumption and compassion for ourselves and our planet and our goal was to share this ethos with the community.

Britt was born and raised in a garden household in Big Sur, California, Jonathan grew up in a vegetarian, Persian household in Northern San Diego. Growing up neither one of us took bottled vitamins or supplements. In fact, we were steered away from them. We found our nutrition came from the earth in the form of local grown plants, whole foods, and herbs. It was just common knowledge that the moment we got sick we would eat raw garlic, or that a spoon full of fish oil in our smoothies was both of our parent’s favorite morning trick.

Once the pandemic hit, we saw the need for this knowledge and the desire for clean, compassionate, convenient wellness. So, with a little help from our friends, we were able to turn our dream into fruition.

We can’t say thank you enough for taking the plunge with us and trusting us to get this far. Now that the conversation has been started, please continue to check in and share your feedback and experience with us. There is so much on the horizon for SunLite Health and Wellness & we are so excited to rise, as a community, into the best version we can be.


Jonathan & Brittany